Cobalt IT Inc. is here to help protect you from hardware and network intrusions. 

Some of the services we provide are listed below.

  • Cobalt Concierge Plans

    Sign up for one of our Concierge Plans and receive anti-virus, DNS protection, backup, and automatic updates included with our service all for a fixed fee. Additional intrusion protection available for high security and compliance scenarios.

  • Ubiquity Networks

    Enjoy incredible video quality at a reasonable price with Ubiquity's line of cameras in an on-premise system supplied by Cobalt IT Inc.

  • VIAAS Surveillance

    No Software, DVR, NVR or Headaches. VIAAS is a complete cloud-based video surveillance solution that captures high quality video images in almost any situation and records to the VIAAS Secure Cloud. The video can be viewed from any web browser or mobile device.

  • ISONAS - Access Control

    Unlike traditional panel-based or IP-panel systems, ISONAS delivers the one proven access control solution that offers network-based, “Pure IP” to the door technology. That eliminates the need for cumbersome control panels at each and every access point, complex wiring and power supplies that are costly, and regular maintenance across physical locations.